Feb 22, 2023

Tutoom becomes a Moodle Certified Integration Partner

Tutoom joins Moodle as a Certified Integration Partner.

Through our plugin integration, we open access to our platform to the entire Moodle ecosystem to get the best experience in the virtual classroom.

Tutoom is the latest technology to engage students inside the virtual classroom. We integrate all tools to create content inside virtual classes like whiteboard tools, shared notes, shared files, videoconference, public and private chat, and breakout rooms. Tutoom can be used on any device through the web browser without installing any app, and it is also optimized to work with low bandwidth networks.

Moodle is an open-source learning management system with more than 393 million users worldwide and available in 42 languages. Thousands of educational institutions and organizations around the globe use Moodle as a toolbox to manage online learning.

Carles Aguiló-Collado, Technology Partner Manager at Moodle, said: «We are very glad to welcome our second Certified Integration Partner in the field of Virtual Classrooms, as this is a central functionality in most education scenarios and Tutoom has a new very fresh approach to this concept. We believe in offering our users the choice of tools that fit within Moodle’s open source ecosystem, and Tutoom’s addition is a wonderful proof of that.»

Jesus Valdivia, Tutoom Co-founder and CEO, said «The Moodle Partnership is very important for Tutoom’s mission. We believe technology is key for bringing every person in the world closer to education, and with Moodle, we're taking one more step to solve one of the biggest challenges in online education.»

To Learn more about Tutoom plugin visit our Youtube Training Series and download or install the Tutoom Moodle plugin here.